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The Greatest Show on The Flow

Hike the greatest attractions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Epic Volcano Park Tour

2hrs | 5am & 2:30pm | $125

Most Popular!

Be prepared for one of the coolest and most unique tours through Hawaii’s Volcano National Park! Our legendary tour guide comes with 50 years of experience and knowledge on the park and it’s history, and will lead you through the very best features that the 505 mi.² national Park has to offer.

Volcano Park Private Photography Tour

5hrs | 1am | $300

Come with us into Hawaii Volcanoes National Park when it is literally yours to explore! Capture the volcano and the stars in breathtaking detail as you find the nights best locations and are amazed by the parks fascinating landscapes and one of a kind opportunities.

Welcome to EpicLava!

EpicLava is a once in a lifetime adventure to the worlds most powerful force! Get ready for fun as we guide you to the current eruptive activity and the greatest attractions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We specialize in informative but relaxed tours that leave you with an understanding of the surrounding area, the basics of how our volcanoes work and the current activity that they are displaying.

We offer group and Private tours so feel free to contact us so we can help plan the perfect tour for your needs!

At EpicLava our priorities are SAFETY and making sure your tour provides memories that will last a lifetime.

Current Conditions

Currently we can only offer the Epic Volcano Park tour. It is 2-3 hours of fun education on the volcano with one of our Expert guides… they are super passionate and know everything about Kilauea.

It is not possible to approach the lava safely in its current location but it can be viewed from the overlook areas. We bring telescopes and cameras to maximize your view and send you home with great high end pictures and videos of the summit eruption.

  • The 5am and 8pm tours are 2 hours in the prime viewing times.
  • The 2pm has much less visual viewing of the glowing lava but is longer and is a more interpretative tour that lasts 3 hours.

“I would recommend this tour to anyone wanting to get up close and personal with Lava!  I have to say it was one of the best tours I have EVER done!”

-TripAdvisor Review

“We had a fantastic guide Matthew guiding our group. He had us up early hiking out over the lava flows to the most active parts, and we were lucky to have a major flow erupt right by us while we were exploring.”

-TripAdvisor Review

“To put it succinctly: the guides (Jon and Jeff) are THE people you want escorting you through the volcanos. Jon’s energy is contagious, and Jeff’s stories are–literally–legendary. More than just a tour of the area, you get a tour through time, with personal stories that help color the experience. I would recommend these guys to anyone who has a real interest in experiencing the history, not just looking at the land. Thanks, guys!”

-TripAdvisor Review

“Epic Lava has most experienced & friendly guides. They shared many stories of their experiences and even helped take photos.”

-TripAdvisor Review